Smart and effective maintenance effortlessly

Enhance – Analyse – Predict

Smart maintenance services

Our operations have originated from the Suur-Savon Sähkö Group, and our concept was developed in cooperation with distribution network, contracting, and operating service companies.

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Smart maintenance

Älykäs kunnossapito

Seamless power distribution and fault prediction

Evision provides maintenance services based on data and analytics. We use drone and artificial intelligence technologies to provide services that significantly enhance distribution network maintenance and allow preventive maintenance.

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  • Smart distribution network management model

    Evision has created a smart distribution network management system that introduces regularly updated
    data in a useful visualised format to support smart distribution network management and decision-making.
    Exploit regional data to create and evaluate your investment and maintenance strategy

  • Maintenance inspections

    We conduct routine inspections of the electric grid efficiently and cost-effectively using drones. Our approach includes image analysis to monitor vegetation growth near electrical lines, and we employ artificial intelligence for network component inspections.

Disruption management


Faster fault detection, repair, and situational awareness with drone flights

We can also locate faults in the dark, which makes for even faster service recovery times. With the situational awareness we provide, you can minimise the damage caused by snow loads and improve your customer experience.

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  • Snow load locating

    We provide snow load analyses that allow you to predict and prevent distribution network failures in wintertime. We can provide a rapid overview of your grid’s snow load situation.

  • Fault locating

    Drones are a quick way to locate faults, and they can also operate in the dark. Situational awareness allows you to effectively allocate your technicians and shorten repair times.

Imaging services


Powerful data collection from the air

We provide data collection services based on aerial laser scanning, thermal imaging, and photography for various assets and sites.

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  • Mapping and modelling services

    Drones offer a new perspective on data collection. Our mapping and modelling services provide you with accurate and advanced data to support your planning.

  • Solar farm thermal imaging and photography

    We provide thermal imaging for solar farms so you can find any damaged or faulty panels to minimise production losses and maximise output.


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