Cost-effective and intelligent maintenance

Network companies incur significant costs each year, both for planned maintenance activities and for repair of storm damages. Evision helps network companies to develop more efficient maintenance. At the core of our operations are the utilization of drone technology, efficient processing of diverse data and analytics based on artificial intelligence.

We provide network companies with the opportunity for significant cost savings, faster recovery and a better customer experience in the form of shorter power outages.


We effectively locate faults after a storm or other disruption with drones. The ability of drone technology during or immediately after a storm reduces the time delay for troubleshooting and repair. Shorter repair times result in significant savings due to lower standard compensation.

Proactive maintenance

We carry out annual periodic inspections of the power grid quickly and cost-effectively with drones. Inspections are performed using LIDAR and camera technology and, if necessary, other imaging devices. We analyse the growth and development of trees from visual material and perform electro-technical inspections efficiently with artificial intelligence.

Analytics services

We analyse existing image material of photo and LIDAR data and quickly find fault areas. The image material may be collected helicopter or drone assisted. Also ask for Proof-of-Concept.

Proactive maintenance

By combining the data captured by the drone with other data sources, we can predict future repair and maintenance needs, such as the need for clearing or the condition of the columns and components.